Be the Church 2020

Church Family,
Throughout this COVID-19 Pandemic, our church has had multiple opportunities to “Be the Church!” We just finished a Six Week run of preparing meals for over 130 kids a DAY! Now we have been given an opportunity to pray over our hospital and nursing home staff and their patients. Below you will find ways to pray. This page will remain up throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic so you can visit it and continue to pray, even after our prayer walk.
1.  Nursing home residents & hospital patients.
Pray they have peace since no one is coming to see them.
Pray they will have comfort since their daily routines have been broken.
Pray for each one during this time, those with the virus and without.


2. Staff.
Pray for their families as they work here and are concerned about sharing the virus with their own families.
Pray for them as they take care of the residents and patients.
Be thank for our Lord has called out some to step up during our time of need.
Pray they will see our love and feel our prayer. 
Pray our Lord might be gloried through all of this.
Pray for each family who is prayer walking tonight and each group who has and will continue to pray over our hospital and nursing home.

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