Church Family,
Let me be honest a minute.  I need to apologize to those inside of our church because we should have been on Facebook live years ago.  Just to look at the people, inside of our church family, who are joining us is just amazing.  So I am sorry for this. 

           Facebook live or some type of live feed will be a part of our ‘new norm’ even after we get back together.  I am thankful our Lord has shown this to us. 


            Update on where we are as far as a time line goes, we truly do not know.   We are planning something special for Easter however. 


**Plan A, is our prayer, that we would be back together worshipping side by side.  However, we know our chances of this happening are not good.  So, to plan B.


**Plan B.  We are in the process of putting together a joint Easter service at the ball field.  This offers us the parking we are going to need for this type service.  It will be ‘drive inn’ style where you remain in your vehicle and roll down your window so you can hear.  But what if it is raining? 


**Plan C.  We will have a Facebook live, like we are at this moment. 


            All of our services until further notices will be by some type of social media. 


Sunday morning                               Facebook live                                   9:30 am

Sunday evening                               Zoom                                                  5:00 pm

Wednesday evening                        Facebook live                                   6:30 pm


            If you have prayer request you can either call the office, 847-2493, or email them to secretary@chatombaptist.com


Giving Options:

You can mail your check to Chatom Baptist Church, P.O. Box 816, Chatom, AL 36518

Give online at www.chatombaptist.com/give

Bring your check to the office Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 12:00pm.  If you choose to bring it by, please use the drive through lane!


            Finally an update on student lunches.  We have four teams who alternate, coming to help pack and hand out lunches.  We are one week in, and we are averaging about 120 lunches a day.  Pray for our teams as they come and serve each day.  


Pray for our leaders, all first responders, anyone who is separated from their families, and pray for each other.  Remember the truth and the promise.  Jesus loveS you, and we love you, and we are praying for you.
Grace and peace,
Bro. Jerry
Week Two Video Statement from Our Pastor