Below you will find a list of all teachers at Chatom Elementary, Washington County High, Washington County Career Tech, and the Washington County Board of Education. Due to COVID-19, we are launching Pick a Teacher-20 on a virtual platform! We encourage you to choose a teacher and write their name on an index card, put a reminder in your phone, or write it on your mirror at home and commit to pray for that teacher! If your child has one of these teachers, we encourage you to choose them! LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE PRAYING FOR THEM! Message them, call them, text them. This school year is going to be a lot different, let’s give our teachers reassurance that someone is praying them through!
We do ask that when you select a teacher that you contact Karen via EMAIL at secretary@chatombaptist.com simply so we can make sure that all teachers are prayed for!
Chatom Elementary School
Ben Jones – Principal
April Fethke – Counselor
Rita Jones – Library/Media Specialist
Anna Waite – Nurse
Melinda Coaker – PE
Stephanie Gulley – Pre-K
Kristyn Harris – Pre-K
Shannon Odom – Kindergarten
Doreen Wofford – Kindergarten
Kristi Wilson – Kindergarten
Dallas Carpenter – 1st Grade
Amzie Gunter – 1st Grade
Sabra Johnson – 1st Grade
Denise Carter – 2nd Grade
Ashlie Henry – 2nd Grade
Pam Kelly – 2nd Grade
Paula Chafin – 3rd Grade
Amy Anderson – 3rd Grade
Lindsay Williams – 4th Grade
Wendy Stokley – 4th Grade
Allie Crager – Speech Specialist
Josi Gaston – Special Education
Latoya Benjamin – Special Education
Hope Walker – Special Education
Jessica Bowman – Special Education 
Kirk Moss – Special Education
Kim Miller – Special Education
Gloria Henson – Custodian
Vonish Williams0n – Custodian
Angie White – Cafeteria
Tammy Mitchell – Cafeteria
Gwen Chafin – Bookkeeper
Amy Sanders – Aid
Shaquita Hicks – Aid
Washington County High School
Rodney Smith – Principal
Kyle Richardson – Assistant Principal
Cassie Hadley – Counselor
Mindy Agee – 11/12 English
Woody Baughn – HS Math
Summer Beech – 7/8 Math
Kress Behlen – 6th History
Ed Brown – HS Math/Football
Aerik Davis – 9th-11th History/Football
Brandon Dees – Health
Tammy Dickey – Gifted
Richard Dorman – Agriculture
Collin Fields – 7/8 History
Jimmy Finley – Band Director
Deidre Gunter – 9/10 English
Brian Henry – 10th-12th History/Athletic Director
Evan Jackson – PE/Baseball
Deborah Jacobs – 5/6 Science
Tina Jones – Speech Therapist
Amanda Lee – 5/6 English
Kristin Mosley – MS Special Education
Janis Price – HS Home Economics
Rachel Roberts – HS Science
Lisa Scarbrough – 7/8 Career Prep
John Sheffield – HS Special Education
Michelle Spence – Special Education
Crimson Tarver – 5/6 Reading
Rene Thornton – 5/6 Math
Shanda Thornton – HS Special Education
Farrah Warr – 7/8 English
Lynn Welborn – Counselor
Becky Williams – Library/Media Specialist
Tella Williams – 7/8 Science
Clint Wofford – HS Science
Chelsie Williams – Bookkeeper/Secretary
Marylyn Richardson – Aide
Lynette Koen – Aide
Cathy Dees – Aide
Angela Elmore – Nurse
Alice Franks – Aide
Karen Hagen – Cafeteria Manager
Debbie Garland – Cafeteria
Della Harris – Cafeteria
Vicky Henson – Cafeteria
Jason Savage – Custodian
Deborah Mitchell – Custodian
Washington County Board of Education
John Dickey – Superintendent
Betty Brackin – Federal Programs Coordinator
Tayler Sikes – Child Nutrition Director
Larry Moss – Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Ford – District Technology Coordinator
Equilla Franks – Federal Programs/General Fund Secretary
Tonya Goldman – Federal Programs Bookkeeper
Brad Johnston – Transportation Supervisor
Brent Jones – Network Administrator
Trina Moss – Special Education/Assessment Coordinator
Alana Owens – Special Education Assistant
Donna Rivers – Human Resources Manager
Alisha Singleton – Receptionist/Secretary
Horace Thomas Jr. – Board Member
DeWayne Bird – Board Member
Davis Dees – Board Member
Keith Beech – Board Member
Lonnie Guy – Board Member
Washington County Career Tech Center
Stacy Dees – Director
Angela Alford – Secretary
Jan Turner – Support Staff
Kay Savage – Counselor
Nikki Tarver – Drafting
Stephanie King – Health Science
Josh Deas – Welding
Phillip Howard – Carpentry
Byron Moseley – Pipe Fitting
Jamie Crouch – Career Coach